Friday, October 06, 2006

Have sent in my revisions and am back at our beautiful Tarzali. The picture above shows you a tiny section of our rainforest with birds nest ferns growing on trees. That pic was taken last January. It's lovely and cool and fine here now. My roses have all produced wonderful blooms while I was away. This is such a great place for R&R. And writing!

I've discovered something about myself this past week. I normally waste a lot of time. :)
I can sit at my computer all day and only produce a thousand words, but when I set myself deadlines (I wanted those revisions done so I could get on with next book) I can work really hard and get plenty of new words on the page!

New resolution -- set myself goals and deadlines, don't let myself drift and be distracted.

Have begun reading the launch books in the new Romance line. So far ... Accepting the Boss's Proposal by Natasha Oakley and The Sheihk's Guarded Heart by Liz Fielding.

Loved them both. Natasha's hero Miles is a wonderful example of a playboy bachelor falling in love with a most unlikely woman and Liz's sheihk is exotic and tortured and just gorgeous.

I'm so excited about the new line. The tough revisions the editors are giving us is an indictaion that they really want the best for our readers. For my part, I really appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Australia a land of contrasts? Rain forests and roses!! Oh, I know I waste time too. I work best to a deadline: at school I was always teaching the children time management, but me?? I need some pressure. Do you think that sometimes the drifting is the part of you that dreams, that finds the stories?? It is a balancing act, it is contrasts: creativity and deadlines!!!

Liz Fielding said...

I so identify with that kind of deadline, Barb. The fact that the plane wouldn't wait when I was going to Italy really pushed me to the limits and I wrote harder and faster than I had in a long time.

Next deadline -- Christmas ... eeek!

I love the picture of your rainforest. Why don't we have them in Wales when it's so wet? *g*

Barbara Hannay said...

I'm sure you're right about the balancing act 2paw. But maybe I've swung a little too far into the slow zone lately. I think last week was the shot in the arm I needed.

Liz, I have some photos of mist here, and I think it looks very much like Wales. Will post it some time when blogger is behaving for me.