Monday, October 09, 2006

My husband is a writer too...

My husband is a writer too. He has been a journalist since he was about sixteen, has edited several newspapers and is an amateur bush poet. (Not totally amateur -- some have been published in the North Queensland Register" I'll probably post one every week or so.

Here's the first. I hope you like it as much as I do. (And watch out for "A Decent Dog" in the near future:))

The Bush at Night

Have you heard the curlew’s mournful cry
And the sounds of the bush at night
When the camp fire’s light begins to die
And the bats screech off in flight?

Have you heard the night wind moan and sigh
Or the scream of an unseen owl,
When the moon is lost in a clouded sky
And the dogs begin to howl?

Or does the darkness hold no fear,
As shadows cross the land,
When shy bush creatures venture near
And nature shows her hand?

I’m happy when the world turns dark
And the cross stands in the sky,
When the camp fire sheds its final spark
And my soul is free to fly.

(C) Elliot Hannay.

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