Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mixed bag

Elliot’s back from Tarzali where he has been doing some final work on windows and doors. He took photos of some of my plants so I could see how they were growing, which was very sweet of him. Of course, he was trying out the new camera that we bought as a wedding anniversary present. Here’s a photo he took of the morning mist at Tarzali.

And another of a tree that is part of my favourite view there.

I didn’t sleep very well while he was away – would spend hours lying awake thinking about my book and whether it was exciting or emotional or had enough sexual tension etc. It was all very exhausting, but at least I got a wonderful idea for a new book during the wee, small hours.

I told Elliot about it over dinner and he thought it was great – got really excited about it, actually. As I’m excited too, this was wonderful. There’s nothing better than to be finishing one book and have a big, bright shiny idea beckoning you to get started on the next.

But there are hazards to this writing life. I’ve been having physio for my shoulders, which have been seizing up from too much time spent hunching over the keyboard. Another reason why I’ve been sleeping poorly. It’s very hard to lose myself in the story and think about sitting correctly at the same time. But I’ve been doing my exercises and getting acupuncture and massage and ultra sound treatment and luckily, the left shoulder, which was showing signs of becoming frozen, is starting to free up.

Yesterday, Elliot read through what I’ve written in my WIP since Christmas and he’s made some terrific suggestions and given me his usual reassurance. I slept very well last night.


2paw said...

I am always glad I live here where we have the bush and the Gorge and thr river and mountains!! It feels less like suburbia and more like a real place to live. We are very lucky.
OH, I had the same problem from 20 years of writing planning and documents etc, leaning over children and then marking their work!!!! It was very painful. Glad you are sleeping well now!!!
I am so pleased you have a new idea for a book. Will you be making a colllage???

Natasha said...

Barbara, I am never, ever going to show you a photograph of where I live! Looking out on a view like that would just make you feel glad to be alive.

Barb said...

Ah, but Natasha, there's a down side. I don't have wonderful, exciting London on my doorstep.