Friday, January 05, 2007

To keep you entertained

Sophie here again. I'm pleased to report that Barbara still has her head down, so I thought I'd fill in for a bit longer. Would you like sneak peek at what I look like?

That's a section of the collage Barb's using while she pulls our story together. That's me in the white top. My hair's actually a bit curlier than that now, but Barb made the collage while she was away in the country, without her usual stash of magazines.

Here's a bit more of the collage and down the bottom, you will see where Mark and I were sleeping -- out in the bush.

As I'm English, that was a huge and scary step for me, to sleep out without a roof over my head. But the stars were just ... amazing.

And I'm pleased to reprt that said author had her head down yesterday (thanks heavens the cricket test matches have finished -- I mean, apart from being English and finding the whole slaughter by the Aussies humiliating, I want my story!) But B got on with it and I'm feeling much happier -- about Mark, about Australia, about everything.

I'm averting my eyes from that dreadful post a few days ago that suggested something dire will happen to me soon. I refuse to believe it. I've never been one for reading the stars or fortune tellers. And BH is not God!


2paw said...

Ah, the cricket!! What a wonderful win. Ricky used to play with, and then went all the way through school with MrsDrWho's brother. She can't help but picture them as scabby kneed little boys!!!
Be assured that something dire WILL happen, but it will all end happily ever after, and if you're extra lucky, there will be an epilogue!!
PS And I don't know what you are worried about, I am entering into the conceit of conversing with a fictional character!!!

Barb said...

I've tried to assure Sophie she's in good hands, but she won't listen. She's determined to panic!