Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the things we do...

I had my photo taken for a magazine this morning -- for a Valentine’s Day article. I ducked out and had my hair blow-dried first because I've learned that it's more important to look glamorous than to have a clean house. Well, it is, isn't it?

But then I scrambled around madly trying to tidy my office. Not a pleasant task when I’m less than a fortnight away from deadline and important notes and bits of vital “stuff’ are scattered all over my office floor, the couch, desk, printer... you get the picture…

And we didn’t do the shoot in there anyhow – as often happens. But as I had guests for lunch yesterday, the rest of the house was in presentation mode and our lovely guests had even brought me flowers which made the place look beautiful and I haven't taken the Christmas tree down yet, so everything looked OK. Phew!!

(Actually, I've been using the keep your house clean in fifteen minutes a day theory and it really works!!!)

Now the photographer’s gone and I’m all glamorous with my hair done, make up on, jewellery (even earrings) and Elliot is away, so I can’t persuade him to take me out to lunch!

Perhaps that’s just as well. I have to get back to proofreading Needed: Her Mr. Right, Book #2 in the Secrets We Keep Trilogy, which I wrote in conjunction with Liz Fielding and Jackie Braun.

And then I must press on with my WIP, which is currently called The Cattleman and the English Bridesmaid, so you can have a bit of a guess what that’s about.

I am loving writing Sophie and Mark’s story, but I have to do something really terrible to them very soon and they’re going to be devastated and I’m almost crying already at the thought.

It’s a weird life being a writer.


2paw said...

I try to do little bits of things for 15 minutes, but in Summer I try for 5!! How exciting being in a magazine. I don't buy the weekly magazines( well, maybe the English Women's Weekly!!! It has nice knitting) So I will keep an eye out for your coiffed and beauteous self.
Good luck with Sophie and Mark. Authors remind me of the gods in Terry Pratchett's books: playing fast and loose with the lives of mere mortals!!!

Barb said...

It's only a local mag, 2paw. Small beer, I guess. But if the photo's nice, I'll try to buy a copy and will show it here.

Melissa said...

I've tried Flylady, all sorts of different methods. None worked for me. But I finally after many years of frustration discovered the secret to a clean house. Hire a weekly housecleaner. Even hubby agrees now that it's worth it! Huge sigh of relief.

I'm really looking forward to that upcoming trilogy. Sounds like a great idea.

Have fun with your current characters. I know they'll overcome whatever you toss their way, however devastating!

Barb said...

Lucky you to have a cleaner, Melissa -- and lovely to have you drop by, too.
I've tried cleaners at different times, but I'm not good at bossing people and they never do a very good job for me and also, as I sit at my desk all day, I've decided that housework is useful physiotherapy.
Not that I enjoy it, mind you.

Phillipa said...

Barb. I just read that you get upset at having to hurt your characters and I though it was just me. I had to turn a character from funny-yet-irritating to thoroughly vile a few months ago and I found I got quite upset at having to do it. I just hope I've made her vile enough for my ed!

Barb said...

Phillipa, Fingers crossed that your ed is happy with your vile character. I think vile is hard to do -- especially in romance, where you mainly want to lift people's spirits and give them a feel good read.