Monday, April 16, 2007

Lost in translation...

Just for fun, I pressed the "translate this page" button for one of my books on sale in Japan. Below is the result, but oh, dear. I THINK this must be Christmas Gift: A Family. But poor Hugh and Jo's story is barely recognisable.
I know the translation of the book is more accurate. Well... fingers crossed:)

Contents (from “BOOK” database)

The jaw of the accountant at the miscellaneous goods store which is small town of Australia every year had done the usual store clerk in Christmas Eve. There one car stopped with the emergency brake, the extreme handsome man got off. Becoming tense, the jaw dividing sewing involving from midst of the gift to the family, lifted in him who chooses the present. Oh with while and saying it runs, it waives that car which you go away, in addition it is start of every day. Be disheartened doing, when it returns to the house, while the mother rubbing the air, you informed the guest. He of the expectation which it starts waited at the kitchen! Snapping entering, you say that there is request in the jaw, but is.

Oh, and if you've read this far, here's another bit of news. A bullock escaped from the railway yards today and ended up in the Mall. Yes, there were traffic wardens on motorbikes trying to round up this beast In Townsville City Mall.
Apparently the poor fellow didn't want to be exported to India.

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