Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Photo magic

We've been playing with our wedding anniversary camera and I thought I'd show you some of the results. I hope they don't take you too long to download. Please let me know if they do.

The photo above of the moon was taken last week at Tarzali. I love the fact that we can actually see the man in the moon.

And how's this for heavenly splendour?

We're growing Euodia trees because they're host to the beautiful lapis blue Dunk Island butterfly (sometimes known as Ulysses and pictured below, but not by our camera.)

And we were excited to find a caterpillar on one of the trees. Below, you can see he was eating leaves voraciously, but for once we don't mind.

Now how's this for a phallic fungus? (See below) This was growing in our garden at Tarzali. Who's got a good name for it? Fairies' Delight?

And finally, a family moment. Uncle A and Lilly. Awww....


Anne McAllister said...

Gorgeous photos, Barb! I think I need you to come teach me how to use my close-up setting. I still can't get the clarity the way it should be. Yours are magnificent.

And congratulations on the RITA nominee. Excellent news.

Barbara Hannay said...

I'm afraid E took those close ups, Anne. I like straightforward point and click cameras. I leave the technical stuff to E and my daughters.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Barb - especially the last one. :) Hope you had a good Easter.