Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009... the year to be decisive?

Happy New Year!

2009 – Year of the wine? Year of the handbag? Year of the Ox? Of living frugally? Of living vicariously through good books?

Actually... it's the International Year of Astronomy!! Yay! More stargazing at Tarzali. Now that's something E and I do want to learn more about.

I do hope your year has started well and that it continues wonderfully. Are you organised? Ready? Have you already given 2009 a great deal of thought?
I have to confess I’ve been so busy lately I can’t answer “yes” to any of the above.
I’ve been deep in the revision cave – yes, all through the lead in to and after Christmas, right up to New Year, I’ve spent long days at my computer rewriting. Holiday plans with family down south were abandoned – such is my dedication to my art. :)

But now I’m surfacing to discover I have a whole brand new year ahead of me. I haven’t reflected on 2008. I haven’t made a “best of” list. I haven’t made any new year's resolutions – although there’s always (every year) the vague but hopeful plan to get thinner and fitter and to seek inner wisdom. I’ve started this year with a stomach bug, so that was, at least, different.

Apart from that, my mind is already humming with the buzz of a new book idea. Can’t help it, you see. It’s an addiction. (Do you read Susan Miller? Yes, I know astrology is not the same as astronomy, but it's close. And Susan's writing is always fascinating.) Anyway, my stars tell me that this is a good year to give up an addiction, but I’m not sure that telling stories is the addiction I’m meant to relinquish. And I’m not giving up reading. So where does that leave me? Will I have to give up wine? Tea? Could I promise to tidy my office instead?

Another vague plan is to give up starting work at 5 a.m. and to go back to having early morning walks.

I can see a pattern of vagueness here.

When I become less vague, and more decisive I’ll let you know. But in the meantime, I'm looking forward to becoming a more informed stargazer. What are your plans? I hope they're inspirational.

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