Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now, girlfriends, here's something to aim for...

Britain's Oldest Romantic Novelist
Posted at 7:58AM Wednesday 14 Jan 2009 Britain's oldest romantic novelist to spend 101st birthday working on her 130th Mills & Boon book.
An author is to celebrate turning 101 by starting her 130th book for Mills & Boon.
Jean MacLeod has been working for the publisher of romantic fiction since 1938 when it brought out her first novel, Life For Two.

Meanwhile, in 2009 I'm celebrating ten years of being a Mills and Boon author. My first book, Outback Wife and Mother, (Gosh that title was a shock to me at the time) was released in May 1999.
And in other news, my RITA winning book, Claiming His Family, has been published in France. It was a bit of a bit of a shock to see my Outback cattleman, Luke Manning, looking like a Frenchman, but if that's how the women in France prefer to see him, I'm not complaining.


JoyfullyHis said...

LOL. I never thought about the cover changing to fit the country.
What about you? Do you think you'll still be popping out books when you're 101? Wow!
It would be interested to ask her how romance and writing have changed over time (I know the fundamentals are the same, but the details?!)

Brigitte said...

Well, Luke, in the french edition, looks way too sophisticated and polished for my liking. It's an Outback story, so he should be more... rugged and definitely dressed in jeans. Maybe that's why I prefer the anglo-saxon version? I'm thinking, maybe I should write to the french editor?!

Barb said...

Brigitte, to be honest, Luke never looked too much like an Outback cattlemana in the original version of the cover. We get used to our characters not always looking the way we imagined them.
Fortunately, our readers (like you) have good imaginations and are quite forgiving.

Eleni Konstantine said...

How inspiring Barb - 130 books and still going strong!

Congrats on 10 years as a Mills and Boons Author Barb!