Thursday, February 26, 2009

creative mess...

A guest will be sleeping in my study tonight, so I have to clean it up. A-r-rgh! I’m mid-book. This is what my desk looks like.

Those bits of paper are all the notes I make to myself as I’m going. There’s always a tea cup somewhere – headphones for listening to music (mostly classical – no words). On difficult writing days, I put on a CD and don’t let myself get up until it’s finished. Usually, somewhere during the 60 mins or so, the writing starts flowing again.
The book under the headphones is British Poetry Since 1945. If I’m stuck or blocked I often find reading poetry helps my mind to un-knot itself.
I just pick a random stanza from any old page, like this:

But somehow his arms had become just bits of wood
Somehow his guts were an old watch-chain
Somehow his feet were two old postcards
Somehow his head was a broken window-pane
‘I give up,’ he said. He gave up.

Creation had failed again.
(From Fifth Bedtime Story by Ted Hughes)

Don’t ask me how it works to read something like that (brilliant, isn’t it?) and then sail on with my own writing, but it often works. Not always, mind you.

Sometimes a chat with E helps. Or my last resort is to head off somewhere with pen and paper to THINK.

Oh, and you can see my old computer behind my laptop, because I just haven’t been able to bring myself to throw it out. But now, it must all be tidied. And I haven’t shown you the floor or the sofa where my poor guest must sleep.

It’s all creative mess, I assure you…


Magdalena Scott said...

And you have how long to clean this up? Just kidding--oh my word, if you could see the mess I write in! Yikes! Plus my tea cup isn't nearly as pretty as yours.

There's always Option B: Throw a large colorful tarp over the whole thing and label it a construction zone.

2paw said...

You do have a lovely tea cup and saucer. I have some lovely very fine kind of china mugs with Labradors on them!!!! I love that you still have your old computer. I enjoy reading poetry, but I prefer the old stuff, Donne and Shakespeare and The one To Aramantha that she would unravel her haire(sic)Hope the sleep over goes well and there are midnight feasts!!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Barb, that is TAME compared to my desk. I'm doing my very best to ignore it. You know like a child putting hands over ears and saying 'la-la-la' .

Good luck with the clean up. :)