Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how I met your mother...

Yesterday was E’s birthday. Again. Gosh, how the years flash by. For us, there is always an extra anniversary, because we met on his birthday and this year signalled a significant number of years ending in zero. (But a girl mustn’t reveal too many details.)
We met in my first year of teaching, when I’d recently left home and was flatting for the first time. In fact, my flatmate took me to his birthday party and introduced us. Now comes the really embarrassing confession. At the party, she announced I was his ‘birthday present’.
Now that could have been the end of everything. I was, after all, a budding feminist. But we managed to survive this shaky start. Actually, we went for a midnight swim and I emerged from the sea covered in phosphorescence and looking (apparently) like some kind of sea nymph.
And here we are all these years later. Our granddaughter (the new big sister) was thrilled that we were having a birthday party and of course she sang loudly and helped pappy blow out the candles.
And in (secret) honour of the phosphorescence, I gave her glow in the dark bracelets to wear. A big hit!


2paw said...

Awesome. Legend- wait for it- ary!!

What a great story, and Happy Anniversary Birthday. I think you should use the phosphorescence in a story, sounds very romantic to me!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Thank you, 2paw!
I have been rather slow to put the phosphorescence in a book, haven't I? Actually, I leant the idea to a friend who writes wonderful historicals and she used it in a fabulous regency love scene, set on the coast of France.

Barbara Hannay said...

That would be lent -- not leant. (blushing)

JoyfullyHis said...

That sounds so incredibly romantic. And how encouraging that in a crazy world, love can last and last.