Saturday, April 25, 2009

say a little prayer for Sophie...

Poor little twin Sophie is in hospital with bronchialitis. She's had a virus for a couple of weeks and we thought she was getting better. But no. I went through the whole guilty grandma thing yesterday -- feeling bad about being up here at Tarzali and playing in my garden, when I could have been there in Townsville helping, but I'm reassured that she's doing well now. No need to panic.
Next weekend is the twins' christening and my daughters Emma and Vicki are both coming up from Brisbane because they're to be godmothers, so we're looking forward to a lovely family get-together. Granddaughter Lucy's coming too. She hasn't seen the twins yet and at nine years old, she's just dotty about babies, as you can imagine. It'll be quite a girly occasion with my two daughters and four granddaughters!!!
We have a christening gown that's been in Elliot's family for over a hundred years which one of the twins will wear. The other will wear the same one Lilly wore, which comes from her mum's family. I was terrified about cleaning ours, but I took it to the dry cleaners below our apartment with a tentative enquiry and they put it in 'safety wash' and ironed it and it's come up beautifully. Just gorgeous. So much better than anything I could have managed and it only cost $10!
Have to hope now that poor little Sophie is totally better by next weekend and that her parents have recovered enough to enjoy the day!


JoyfullyHis said...

My baby was hospitalized for a week with RSV. I know how helpless you feel and how hard it is to watch and will your baby to get better. What a relief that little Sophie is! Our prayers and thoughts are with her and your family!
(Very cool about the heirloom christening gown)

2paw said...

Glad Sophie is doing well, hope she is totally recovered in time for her christening. It sounds a wonderful day and I love the heirloom gowns.

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks so much for the best wishes. I'm pleased to report that Sophie is home again now and quite happy.

Mandi, what a terrible time you must have had when you baby was in hospital for a whole week. I'm so glad everything turned out well.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Barb, glad Sophie is back home, and have a lovely day seeing your grandbabies being christened. BTW - how lovely to wear a family heirloom.