Monday, May 18, 2009

back in the cave...

I was getting a little ahead of myself, launching into a new book. There I was, happily diving into chapter two, when a note from my editor lets me know she suddenly has new "thoughts" about the last book. Thoughts = revisions. A second round of them. In other words, I have to get my head out of its happy new space and back into a state of mind that allows me to rip out favourite lines and scenes and moments from something I thought was "finished".
Sometimes (maybe all the time) being a writer requires serious self discipline.

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Magdalena Scott said...

Oh, ouch, Barbara! And just when you were in your happy place, too.

I definitely have trouble with writerly self discipline, but I think I'm a smidge better than I was a while ago.

(But if I'm more disciplined, why am I reading and commenting on blogs when I'm in my official writing time? Uh...gotta go! Good luck!)