Wednesday, May 13, 2009

can I blame mercury in retrograde?

OK, I'm not a devout follower of astrology, but I do enjoy reading Susan Miller at Astrology Zone each month. I find her very entertaining, particularly as she goes into so much detail, and apparently mercury is in retrograde this month, which means we can have all kinds of breakdowns with appliances, business deals and communications.
Well, snap.
Last week in Townsville, our oven blew up, the automatic washing machine stopped progressing automatically, the lift in our apartment broke down, and my internet connection died.
Yeah, might have been a coincidence, but I guess Susan would say otherwise.
I used the week to read and do research and make notes and collect pictures of characters and settings for my next book, and to generally dream about the new story.
Now I'm in Tarzali, and I'm connected 'internetedly" again, but would you believe that when I tried to post this, blogger was "currently unavailable"?
Anyway, I've started on the new book, and I'm getting to know my characters. Yay! It always feels so good to have another story underway, to feel that stirring of excitement, wondering how will it all evolve.
Are you surprised that I don't know? Thing is, I'd be bored if I knew every detail of my story in advance. I like to be surprised. I like to let my characters take me by the hand and lead me gently into the mist.


2paw said...

I love that you surprise yourself with your stories!!! I never read my horoscope, in case it might come true!! Also, never tell your dreams to anyone before breakfast or they will come true too. I never have nightmares though, all my dreams are happy, so I never fear that superstition.

JoyfullyHis said...

I just read an article on solar flares that say electronics were supposed to be tampered with. I guess it started on your side first...

Barbara Hannay said...

Solar flares! That could be the answer.
Hope they're kind to you.

Barbara Hannay said...

Goodness, 2 paw. My family LOVE to tell each other dreams over breakfast -- must remember they mustn't start before.
How lovely that you only have happy dreams.
I had a nightmare a few months back and gave it to one of my characters (in the book I was writing at the time). Plenty of tension and emotional punch in that scene.