Sunday, January 17, 2010

CD blues

I've written before about my love of audio books. Given our frequent travel back and forth between the city and the country, we've come to really look forward to our books on CD. For our last trip, I had a George Smiley story actually read by John Le Carre and another Joanna Trollope, and I was SO looking forward to listening to them.
Disaster, however, awaited us.

Well, maybe disaster is a bit melodramatic, but disappointment is certainly accurate. The very first disk got stuck in our CD player and subsequently the whole (six stacker) thing ceased to function. No matter what we tried or how many pages of the car's maitenance handbook we trawled, we could only get an Error 99 message flashing at us.

On returning to the city, we took the car to a car-audio place and it cost $75 to have the library's disk extracted, and we were told that the whole unit was damaged and would have to be replaced.


When someone at the library stuck a see-through plastic label on the CD with the library's logo etc, he/she let a little bit of plastic overlap into the hole in the centre of the CD. This teensy bit of plastic caught on the drive shaft in our player and seized up the whole thing.


Dear reader, be warned: check out those centre holes in your CDs very carefully.

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2paw said...

Oh that's a very basic error (99) for the library technician/person to make. And disappointing too.
I once had a cassette stick in the cassette player in the car that would not come out. It was a very old cassette and it was Imperial and the car was metric and that tiny amount of difference made the cassette stick inside.