Friday, January 29, 2010

No babies yet...

Our eggs are still eggs... and we now have two mother guinea hens sitting on nests out in the rain. Last night we decided to candle some of the eggs that we're expecting to hatch. This process happens in a dark room and it involves setting a cardboard roll (or something similar) over a torch and then holding the egg over the tunnel of light so you can see the dark shape of the chick and the yolk inside.

And now we're not so sure... only one of the four eggs we tried looked as if it might hold a chick almost ready to be born. The other dark blobs were much smaller. From E's research the first of the thirty eggs that were laid should have stayed 'dormant' for want of a better word until the mother turned broody and began sitting on them. Then they should all start developing at much the same pace.

But, we dunno...

Anyway, on the writing front, I've had news from my editor that another book has been accepted. So my books for 2010 will now be:

March -- The Rancher's (or Cattleman's) Adopted Family

May -- Exectutive: Expecting Tiny Twins (# Book 2 in The Brides of Bella Rosa, a new series that starts in April)

September -- A Miracle for His Secret Son (in my editor's words -- a very powerful and emotional story)

At the moment I'm having fun with a very different style of book -- still for HM&B, but lighter in tone and rather experimental in style. I know readers don't like it when authors change their writing style too much, but I have to say it's great fun from a writer's point of view. Very refreshing and invigorating. Won't say too much just yet, because I still don't know if I can pull it off, but so far, I'm enjoying the process.


2paw said...

I loved The Brides of Bella Lucia series, is this a kind of sequel or companion series?? Three new books, how exciting!!
You are such good guinea fowl keepers, taking such good care.

Lacey Devlin said...

Three new books is great news! Candling eggs is a lot nicer than what I had imagined when I read that first sentence :). I can't wait to see how you've changed your style for your WIP. Good luck :)

Barbara Hannay said...

Yes, 2paw, The Brides of Bella Rosa is a new series following on from Bella Lucia. It starts in April (prob May in OZ) with Raye Morgan's Beauty and the Reclusive Prince.
I'll post more about the series closer to the release date.

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks for the good luck, Lacey. I might need it. Taking risks is always, well -- risky.:)