Friday, August 20, 2010

Conference fun...

I've tried to show you a slideshow of my pics from the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Coogee, Sydney, but the technical requirements overcame me. I came close, but it took too long to load so I suspect  I may not have made the pics small enough. However you can view the slideshow here.
Sorry that I don't have the right captions on here before I started, but these pics cover the author dinner hotsed by Harlequin Mills and Boon (Sydney) at which the New Chicks (brand new authors) awards were handed out by old boilers (e.g. well established authors such as the eternally glamorous Meredith Webber) and Womanfuzzy (warm and fuzzy) awards for hilarious mishaps during the year, were handed out by authors, Trish Morey and Kelly Hunter -- always great fun.

There are also pics of the fab, wind-whipped waves on Friday, which made walking along the beach or along the clifftops (a favourite breakout activity) very exciting.

Then there are a couple of shots from the author book signing, and lots of photos from the cocktail partym which was a dress up affair with a Fantasy Island theme. Wow, what a party!  Aren't some people fantastically clever at dressing up -- as you can see? Above are fab auathors Kelly Hunter (pirate) and Alison Roberts (hula girl) with their fantasy Johnny Depp. The ultra fabulous reincarnation of Barbara Cartland (the winner for the best costume) was created and worn by the amazingly brilliant Anne Gracie.

And at the Awards dinner on Saturday night, I sat with my North Queensland posse, some of whom are photographed here... (The beautiful Mervet McClintock, Rebecca Quin, Shannean moncrief and helene Young)
And the final photo in the slideshow is of medical author Amy Andrews aka Alison Ahearn, president of RWAust, who won the R*BY award for best sexy romance.


Lacey Devlin said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)

jenny wilson said...

love the picciesx

Eleni Konstantine said...

Barb, always wonderful to see you. And wasn't the Coogee conference fantastic as your photos can attest to, and beach location was brilliant.

Keziah Hill said...

These are great Barbara!