Monday, November 03, 2008

My Melbourne Cup Day hat

OK, in America everyone is voting for a president today, but Down Under we're doing something much more important. It's Melbourne Cup Day!
Even though the Melbourne Cup is held in (you guessed it) Melbourne, the rest of Australia takes a huge interest in it. We don't have a public holiday as they do in Victoria, but in classrooms and offices all over the country everyone stops to hear THE BIG RACE. Something like half a billion dollars are bet on this one race. Which is kind of horrifying, but there you go. It's such a deep seated tradition in OZ nothing's going to change it, not even a global recession.

I'm not a better, but I am in a sweep with some friends. And my horses (drawn out of my friend's mum's heirloom beaded evening bag) are Profound Beauty and Newport. And I've chosen my seriously glamorous hat!
Which horse are you backing?


Nicola Marsh said...

My money's on Bauer, Barb.

Go, you good thing!

Barb said...

Well, the winner was Viewed and given my post yesterday about our view and point of view, I really should have had some money on him, shouldn't I?