Friday, November 14, 2008

writers and actors...

I've always found it interesting to see how many authors have either been actors or had a strong interest in acting. I know Harlequin Romance author Natatsha Oakley has been a professional actor and Liz Fielding was a serious amateur player. I can't make that claim, but when I was at school I loved acting and I wasEliza Doolittle once in a production of Pygmalion. Later, when I was teaching, I really loved taking the drama sections of the English course.
I don't think it's so surprising. The big thing writers and actors have in common is getting inside their characters' skin, inside their heads.
I remember when my daughter Emma was twelve she played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and for the whole week that the production was on, she became Dorothy at home. She was truly a different personality for that entire week -- and I don't think she was actually aware of it.

I feel a little like that about my current veterinary heroine. At the moment when anything to do with injured animals comes up, I'm on full alert. So when Presents writer friend Trish Morey shared a photo of a galah with a broken wing, currently being cared for by her mum, I was fascinated.

Doesn't this guy have character? And aren't vets clever? Mind you, I know I have to concentrate on my heroine's love life rather than her working life, but I'll go any route that helps her to become real for me.

Meanwhile, Elliot's excited -- he's been up at Tarzali watering our baby trees and he thinks we have a tree kangaroo on the block. They're in the area, but we haven't had one visit yet (that we've known about anyway). Mind you, at the moment he's only surmising from droppings he's found. :)


Trish Morey said...

I can't believe how gorgeous tree kangaroos are! That's one furry critter we don't have down this way. How special to have them close by.

And galah update - he's doing wonderfully well, very cheerful and not minding his wing being taped up in the least. He even loves a cuddle. Funny bird!

Barb said...

So glad he's recovering well, Trish. I think he's gorgeous. Love galahs. We actually have a flock of
them flying over our bed -- well, they're carved out of wood and are stuck on the wall:)