Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back in town...

We're back in Townsville. Packing up and cleaning before leaving Tarzali and then driving for 4 hours is a bit of a saga, so we always reward ourselves with dinner at out favourite Thai. Tomorrow we're flying south for a family wedding. Not one of mine -- a nephew -- and that will be really nice. I'll get to see my daughters again, and my mum and my sisters, and my other grandies and so many others. I'm getting excited. Granddaughter Lucy can tell me all about her audition for Junior Master Chef.

Hope you have something nice planned for your weekend too.

Now... my task for this morning is to calm down and to write. Disciplined R Us.

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2paw said...

I used to travel between my teaching job in a mining town and my hoe, five hours and twenty minutes each way!! I don't mind driving though.
Have funat the wedding, it's always lovely to meet up with family. Junior MC. Oh!! I loved the first series of MC but I am not feeling the love this time. Too much crying and they don't seem so genuine. Is it wrong of me not to like people who are in it for themselves?? This time round they just seem a little selfish.
This weekend I may be having lunch with a friend I haven't seen for years OR helping MrsDrWho with her quilt!! Oh and walking The Labradors of course!!