Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sunshine and a first...

We had sunshine all day yesterday and it's sunny again today!!! And would you believe I came down with a streaming cold? As Ned Kelly said, "Such is life."
I've also had news that my 35th book has been accepted and it's going to be called Molly Cooper's Dream Date.

I rather like that. I've always wanted a title that included a character's name. The title has a chick -lit feel, which is understandable as the book is going to be part of the Romance line's Fun Factor mini series. The first book in that series was Jessica Hart's Oh, So Sensible Secretary which I adored. Her story was so light and full of humour, but perfectly crafted while delivering a touching, heart-warming romance.

My book is about a London banker and a girl from Magnetic Island who swap houses and almost the whole story is told through emails and diary entries. (I was going to call it Your Place or Mine? :) ) I had so much fun writing it. It was such a shot in the arm to try something completely different. Of course, it won't be out for ages yet, so I'll tell you more closer to the publication date.


Sallie said...

Yay! Great title!

jenny wilson said...

love the title

2paw said...

I am so excited, it sounds such a fabulous idea and I like the title too.
Hope your cold is feeling better now??

JoyfullyHis said...

Now there's a title that begs to be picked up and read. What a tantalizing sneak peek.

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks for the thumbs up re the title. I'm really stoked that others are as excited as I am. This is a story I feel really good about.
As for my cold, it's in a holding pattern. Not getting worse, not clearing with my usual speed.
The fact that I keep running out into the mizzle to do stuff in the garden probably doesn't help.