Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

I hope you're having a lovely day either being a mum or remembering your mum.

I've had a quiet but productive day that's included:

1)writing -- I have at last got my hero and heroine on the page together. Often I try to start with them together early, preferably on the first page, the first paragrah, even the first sentence... but this story called for something different. I'm happy now they're in the same room though. Let the new tension begin!!!!

2) 4 lovely phone calls -- one from each "child," all in distant parts.

3) planting sage and escahllots in the herb garden

4) starting to paint our bedroom (which won't be our bedroom after the extensions which are due to start in a month or so). Here's a before shot, and you can see the room is very dark and log cabin-y. It has its own kind of cosy charm, I guess, but we're now committed to painting the whole inside of our cottage white (or rather off white). We're in love with the results so far. The place feels bigger, brighter, cleaner and more like a country cottage than a log cabin. I promise to show after photos, but don't hold your breath. This painting business can't be hurried.

OK, I'm off to wash my hair and have a cuppa with my neighbour.


2paw said...

I am so glad you have such lovely children who think of you on your special day!! Hope the painting went well. I sent my mum Sting's Winter CD. She had forgotten she mentioned she would like it so she was extra happy!! As usual, The Labradors gave me licks, tail wags and happy smiles!!

Sallie said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Barbara Hannay said...

Ooh, a Sting CD. Your mum's very hip. My mum loves classical.

Thanks for the wishes, Sallie!

JoyfullyHis said...

It's amazing how painting those boards can brighten and enlarge a room! It will look spectacular when you're through.