Friday, September 08, 2006

Hinchinbrook Island

I’ve just spent three days in splendid isolation on gorgeous Hinchinbrook Island (North Queensland), but I couldn’t blog from the island because there was no phone in our tree house!

Wonderful really. (grin)

The view from our tree house

The first view most people get of Hinchinbrook is from a lookout on the highway between Ingham and Cardwell. From there you can see a wonderful mosaic of silvery creeks wandering between the green mangrove forests that fringe the island and beyond that, the lofty mountains, the backbone of the island. The highest peaks are often wrapped in cotton wool clouds or wreathed in misty rain. And here and there on the face of the mountains, are the shining streaks of waterfalls.

Our view of the island from the highway early on a misty morning

While on the island, which we reached by ferry from Port Hinchinbrook, we went for many wonderful walks while I took notes for my next book. (No total rest for a writer – ever. Everything is research!!!)

And we sat on the pontoon and watched the sunset

The waters around the island are wonderfully smooth because they’re protected by the Great Barrier Reef.

Ramsay beach

And, they even have eBay on the island... well, it used to be Turtle Bay, but this new sign is rather cool, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

OK, these look just like settings for your book!! Especially the sunset.All very romantic, even the Ebay!!!I hope there wasn't too much note taking!!!