Monday, September 04, 2006

They’re gone…

One click of the mouse and Simone and Ryan were heading for London.

And these are pictures that inspired the second last scene… Yes, second last... (grin)

I always feel flat after a book is sent. It’s a huge effort towards the end, like giving birth. So many final things to check and tweak. Is the ending uplifting enough? Does it all make sense? Are all the ends tied up? How can I make it better?

My darling husband always does a final read through for me and there are more little post it notes with things to check, smooth out, rearrange…

But there has to be a point when you say, “That’s it. It’s as good as it can be for now.”

Click and it’s in the editor’s hands.

What do we do then?

Well, we walked across the bridge to our favourite Italian restaurant. Tiramisu definitely helps the post book blues!!

Today I have a house to clean. Housework is out of bounds when I’m on deadline. And I have all that dessert to work off!!!

Tomorrow we head off for Hinchinbrook Island, so I’ll try to keep you posted. It will be my first attempt to blog from my laptop, away from home. Until today the roads north were cut after heavy rain on the weekend – the most rain ever to fall in September – but I think it will be fine for us to get through tomorrow.

See you soon!


2paw said...

Oooh,second last??? Happy grinning here in anticipation!! Re the housework: sounds just like what used to happen when I was still at work and it was report writing time!!!
Have a lovely holiday and good luck with the blogging too!!

Barb said...

Yes, the intensity is the same as report card writing, (I've been there, too) but I think there's more emotional investment in a book. These characters have been your imaginary friends for the past three months and by the end you really love them and then you have to hand them over for inspection, dissection...

allyblake said...

Gorgeous pictures Barb. I'm sure the scene they inspired was just as beautiful.

Loooove the photos your hubby and son took as well. Gooooorgeous! Maybe for your next book ;).


Nicola Marsh said...

You've posted some stunning pics here, Barb (both for your book and camping trip.)

I can see how collages really come to life with pics like this!