Thursday, September 14, 2006

A new use for manuscripts...

Yes, it's true... that's me this morning, using old manuscripts as a base layer under mulch at Tarzali. True pulp fiction, I guess.

That orange tree behind me is laden with blossom so the air was fragrant as I worked and I tried hard not to re-read past bits of writing. I'll only want to change something and it's too late!

My visitors have gone, but we managed to show them platypuses in the creek at Yungabauura and, as it's windy, Elliot put on a great kite flying display with two kites flying in tandem. They were spectacular, chasing each other all over the sky.
Pity... ahem... that they finished up in a tree... Best not to dwell on that.
Tomorrow, it's back to my new book -- and my characters, Kate and Joe. Do you like those names? I hope so. I have to travel a long path with them yet. Starting out a new book is a bit like flying into the mist...

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Anonymous said...

It seems sacrilege, but really it's the Circle of Life!! Tree-Paper-Mulch-Tree!!!