Sunday, September 17, 2006

Note to self...

This week I'll be extra busy, but I want to:

  • lose five kilos by Friday when the Townsville Festival of Writing -- Write Up North starts and I need to look glamorous for the public. Yikes!!!! Well... a girl can always dream...
  • prepare for my part in the festival -- a panel with crime writers and a five hour Master Class next Sunday that will cover characters, conflict, emotion, opening pages...
  • practise being not shy so I can talk to the famous writers like Nick Earls and John Birmingham
  • make a Christening cake for my new granddaughter Lilly, who is just the most scrumptious 7 week old baby in the world.
  • keep my new book ticking over -- that's the thing I really want to be doing, so I hope I'll be able to squeeze it in.
  • try not to worry about the book that's loitering somewhere on my editor's desk in Richmond.
  • see some films from the Travelling Sydney Film Festival
  • prepare for out of town friends, who'll be staying with us during the writing festival
  • remember to smile!!!!!
  • go to the airport to collect my copies of Having the Boss's Babies, which will be released as a Silhouette Romance in USA in November. My one and only SR!!!


Anonymous said...

Not much happening right now then!! Oh, a christening cake!! How exciting!! I have a book to read, a new fantasy..and I have to sew 3 bags for sock knitting and 2 little zippy purses before tomorrow at 1pm!! Since I slept in till 10am and it is after noon now I will have to get a cup of tea before I start!!
Have a great week!! Bah Humbug to the kilos!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

3 bags for sock knitting and 2 little zippy purses! Akk that in one day? Wow, I take my hat off to anyone who's skilled with their hands.
I hope you enjoyed your book and the cup of tea.
Think I need a cuppa right now, too.