Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hinchinbrook Postscript.

We're at Tarzali now (Atherton Tableland) and my blog yesterday was rather rushed as I was writing it in between helping Elliot to put up awnings on our veranda. The old ones were blown away by Cyclone Larry last March. Now that summer is coming, we will need the awnings in the afternoon.
It's still wonderfully cool here in the mornings and evenings.

2paw, don't fret. I did some relaxing on the island. Spent a lovely morning on the beach in the shade of a she oak, reading Katie Fforde’s book, Flora’s Lot. This is the fourth of Katie Ff’s books that I’ve read and I’m turning into a huge fan!! They are so warm and funny and tender and British!!! Great comfort reads!!

This is what the back blurb for Flora's Lot says: Flora Stanza has sub-let her London life in a bid to join the family antiques business. Her knowledge extends only to the information she has crammed frpom daytime TV, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in blind enthusiasm. So she is more than a little put out when she doesn't receive the warm coun try welcome she expected. Her curt cousin Charles and his fince Annabelle are deyermined to send Flora packing and their offer to buy her out is tempting... until a strnge warning makes her think twice.

Stuck with a cat about to burst with kittens, Flora has little choice but to accept the offer to stay in an abandoned holiday cottage miles from any neighbours, let alone a trendy wine bar. And between fighting off dinner invitations from the devastatingly handsome Henry and hiding her eco friendly lodger William, Flora soon discovers that country life is far from dull as she sets about rebuilding the crumbling business.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!


2paw said...

Oh, I have read 3 of those boks!! They are so essentially British aren't they!! Glad you did relax and unwind!! It's sunny here this morning. The Labradors and I plan to sit out in the sun and read too!!

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