Sunday, October 19, 2008

How sweet the sound of a good review...

OK, mostly I pretend I don’t care about reviews. Many of my most poorly reviewed books have proved to be the most popular with readers. But this month the Romantic Times fairy has smiled on me, and Donna Alward kindly sent me this review.
Now I'm hoping that readers like the book as much as the reviewer did.

"Being hired as a receptionist at Logan Black’s mining company happens just in time for Sally Finch – she’s drowning in debt. Sally’s intense, driven boss fascinates her, and as they get to know each other better – most notably while she’s giving him dancing lessons – it quickly becomes mutual. But Logan has a five-year plan that doesn’t include any sort of romantic entanglement, and Sally’s already made the mistake of falling in love. Barbara Hannay’s Blind Date With The Boss (4 ½) is a sweet, funny, Cinderella-style fantasy; Sally’s delightful and Logan is completely irresistible. Pure magic, beginning to end.”

Have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. It’s out in North America and UK next month, and available on line now.


Magdalena Scott said...


Wonderful review! I got a nice review today as well. Maybe you've started a trend? If so, thanks!

I live in Indiana, so will watch for the release next month of Blind Date with the Boss.

Have a great've certainly begun it beautifully!

Barbara Hannay said...

Congrats on your great review, Magdalena. There's certainly been a trend for Harlequin Romance this month. 5 out of 6 books with 4.5 stars!

Phillipa said...

Great review, Barb. You should definitely share the good ones. I am just learning to ignore the poor ones and try not to let them knock my confidence. I got a not-so-nice one recently from a reviewer on a a fairly high profile site - when I looked up her blog, I found she was 'hoping to be published in women's fiction' and had started two novels but stopped half way through!

Phillipa said...

Oh and I agree - the readers liked said book and it's what they think (and buy) that counts but nice reviews are always a lovely bonus.