Saturday, October 18, 2008

A snug, rainy weekend...

Current abode: The Country
Currently reading: Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s raining here and I’m about to revise Mattie and Jake’s story. (Revisions not too heavy, says she gratefully)

It rains a lot in this part of the world, which is fine by me. No pun intended:) It means the garden grows while I’m not looking and it’s perfect writing weather. I’m snug in my little office and I can look out at lovely views of rain drifting across the hills.
Our jacaranda is flowering for the first time – gorgeous, deep rich mauve bells.

Our neighbours have hatched masses of chickens which come down to visit us when it’s sunny. Neighbour’s daughter was carrying one little shivering, newly hatched chicken in a woolly sock the other day. She works as a veterinary nurse and I’m plying her with questions for my next book. Oh and I passed on a pile of M&Bs to said neighbour and she loved one of yours, Nicola Marsh!!!!!

Currently, in the WIP (work in progress, which I’ve had to abandon while I revise BK #1) my veterinary heroine is in a bridesmaid’s dress (after the wedding) and with the hunky hero’s help, she’s operating on a snake on her kitchen table. (The snake was left in a hessian bag on her doorstep after people ran over it) This sort of thing happens all the time to vets, apparently.
I’m having fun.


Anonymous said...

How nice to have rain. We have had a bit of rain, on our walk 2 days ago, but not enough. I love walking in the rain, I love the smell of the bush in the rain. Our camellias and azaleas are out. I'm waiting for the roses now.
I hope the bridesmaid heroine has a good dress!! We just had a big talk on our local ABC radio today about how special rescuers help with the snakes that are out and about. All our snakes are terribly poison here. Just our luck!! Happy writing!!
I am always a little sad that I can't discover a huge backlog of books by an author I will love: I am jealous of those who just discover one and can read them all!!

Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

Oh wow, thanks Barb!!!!