Saturday, November 11, 2006

Agapanthus in the morning...

On Friday morning … I got up very early on before it was light and was working steadily when the power suddenly went off! After a brief panic – have I forgotten to pay a bill? – I saw that the neighbours’ lights had gone out, too and so Elliot and I went for a walk instead. The sun was up by then and the valleys were full of mist. They call this area the Misty Mountains and they really are beautiful.

I took photos but the only one that worked was this one of our agapanthus.

Sadly, the platypus in our local creek didn’t make an appearance, but just down the road, I met a mother duck with scads of ducklings and wanted to take another photo for Liz Fielding, but had, of course, left camera behind.

Came home and had a good day’s writing, as well as a profitable time in the garden spreading manure.

Good grief, am I getting to be a real country gal, or what???

Just over one third of the month is gone and I’m actually on target with my book, so I’m feeling a tad smug. But that’s always a danger sign, isn’t it?

Very dangerous.

Sunday afternoon… Have added little more, but have had a good weekend. I hope you have, too.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice mix of writing/ gardening and relaxing Barb. We had a drive down into Devon and on to Dartmoor yesterday. Went for a ramble beside the River Teign [with the lovely autumn leaves] through National Trust property on the estate of Castle Drogo to a place called FingleBridge where we had some lunch. Then we went to a gem of a village called Chagford where we met an Australian potter who has lived there for 19 years and is about to exhibit some of his work at the V&A. A lovely day.

Barbara Hannay said...

The UK in autumn is just gorgeous, isn't it? Enjoy every moment, Marg.