Friday, November 17, 2006

Good news

I guess there's no point in having a blog if I don't share good news. So here it is...

1. We have restored our water supply after being without it for two days. (Elliot and I laid 150 metres of new pipe this morning and we feel like we've learned a lot about water supplies in the past few days.) And we're very grateful to have that wet stuff back!!!!!

2. Our phone line has been reinstated after being out for two days. (The joys of living in the country are unlimited.)

Having the Boss's Babies came in at # 10 on the Waldensbooks bestseller list in the US last week.

So... thanks to all the wonderful people who bought this book and I hope you really enjoy Alice and Liam's story!

Here are some photos of the fabulous Far North Queensland city of Cairns where the book is set. It's an hour and a quarter's drive from where I am living at present.

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