Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Saturday we decided that the best way to say goodbye to Townsville was by having a picnic lunch on the Strand. That's Magnetic Island in the background. Gorgeous, isn't it?
So now we're tucked away in the mountains in an equally beautiful part of Oz. Elliot's madly cutting grass and I'm .... you guessed it... writing.
I'm in the last downhill run of this book, but I'm paying careful attention to getting the ending just right. If I've had criticism from readers, it's been for my endings. Sometimes they feel rushed, apparently, so I'm working hard at getting rid of that feeling, without dragging everything out too much and driving my poor readers mad with frustration. It's a fine balance this writing game.
I think my own personal favourite ending in books I've written is The Cattleman's English Rose.
This was the first book in my Southern Cross Ranch series -- although the endings readers seemed to like most was the epilogue at the end of this series -- in The Mirrabrook Marriage.
Still... life's interesting when there's always something to learn and ponder...


2paw said...

Best Wishes for your Life at Tarzali, the picture is just beautiful. I akways love your endings and your epilogues, as you know, and I hope this one works out exactly as you wish!!

Nicola Marsh said...

You really do have the best of both worlds, Barb.
Both Townsville and Tarzali look gorgeous :)