Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stunned in Tarzali

Yesterday, I checked my phone messages back in Townsville, and discovered the lovely news that Adopted: Outback Baby has been nominated by Romance Writers of America for a RITA in the short contemporary category.
How exciting!!!!!
This is my "grandparent" book -- about Nell and Jacob who were forced to separate and give up their baby, but found themselves coming together years later to care for their little grandson.
After gadding off to San Francisco last year, I'm afraid I won't be going to Washington DC for the awards ceremony, but I'm thrilled that three of my "writing mates" are also nominated.

Jessica Hart, who went to Yosemite with me last year, has a nomination for her 50th book Last Minute Proposal. Lillian Darcy's medical The Children's Doctor and the Single Mum is also up for a gong, as is Anne McAllister's Modern, Antonide's Forbidden Wife.

Yay to all of us!!!!!!!!
You can check all the RITA nominations here.


Magdalena Scott said...

Barbara, I saw the list earlier, and was waiting for you to post a blog about it. Congratulations--and good luck!

Ally Blake said...

Oh yay Barb!!!

I'm so excited for you. And what a beautifully diverse showing of all sorts of series lines and books in your category.

Congrats and fingers crossed!!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

Such fantastic news Barb - congratulations!!!!

Good luck :)

JoyfullyHis said...

Oh, congratulations! Well done Barbara!

2paw said...

Dear Barbara, what wonderful news!! I loved this book!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Congrats, Barb! So pleased for you!

Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on your fabulous news, Barbara.

This book has the most wonderful premise and deserves all the accolades going.

Phillipa said...

I just heard this news on kate Hardy's blog. Huge congrats, Barb,and I'll keep everything crossed for you.

Phillipa x

Nicola Marsh said...

Fabulous news, Barb.

Huge congrats and hugs heading your way :)

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.
Have to say it's the kind of news that tends to mess with a gal's head. Hard to concentrate on WIP, but the deadline looms. So hey, ho, onwards I go.

Anne McAllister said...

Congrats, Barb! It's a tough field, isn't it? I'm so glad to be sharing it with you! I won't be in Washington, either, but I know all the HM&B authors who will be there are going to be making plenty of noise.