Saturday, March 07, 2009

a mild distraction...

My writing this weekend has been interrupted by frequent visits to the website of the Queensland Bureau of Meteorology to keep an eye on Cyclone Hamish. Nice name Hamish, isn't it? Too nice for a cyclone. Anyway, he started somewhere way up in the Coral Sea around the middle of Cape York and he's been storming down the Queensland coast for several days now.
This is how he looked a few days ago -- when I was a tad worried that he might visit Townsville. We hurried out and bought water, batteries, tinned food etc.

This morning he was a Category 5 and had passed us and was threatening the beautiful Whitsunday Islands to the south of us. Now, he's continuing further south, travelling parallel to the coast. Let's hope he stays out there, but heaven knows where he might end up. I don't think the Met Bureau know!

The Billionaire's Baby Surprise is set on a tropical island during a cyclone. These things are fun to write about -- a very different thing to live through. If you live further south, in Hamish's path, stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!

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