Sunday, March 08, 2009

International Women's Day

Have just been to an International Women's Day breakfast where the guest speaker was a young woman from Bangladesh who was the victim of an acid attack, because she refused to marry the guy down the street.
Apparently it's still an accepted practice for jilted men to throw acid on the hapless women who reject them. No other guy will marry her if she's disfigured.
I feel so angry and helpless when I hear these things. But I guess awareness is always the first step.
Maybe these guys should have romance novels read to them every day for a year?

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2paw said...

I missed the fact that it was IWD yesterday until I heard it on the radio today. I was going to say how lucky we are to live in this country, but really, women should always be treated with respect, as should everyone. Awareness is the first step.