Saturday, April 06, 2013

Post book...

So I handed my latest M&B in on Friday. I really enjoyed writing the story of a soldier returning from Afghanistan and I had worked steadily but surely until I got to the end, and then my mind went blank. I spent Thursday and Friday reading through the manuscript, adding and fixing and layering... and on Friday night I reached the end again...
And still my mind was blank. Would you believe I spent three hours on one paragraph?
Eventually I gave up -- ( I'd missed Dr Blake's Mysteries by then). :( I sent the book off anyhow.
Of course, on Saturday morning I was giving my kitchen a much needed cleaning and I knew in a flash exactly where I'd been going wrong with the ending.
Brains are funny things.
This morning I had a lovely time lying in bed and dreaming up my next Penguin, which will be Luke's story. I've had a few thoughts simmering away for some time, but I read an interesting article in the weekend Australian that really set ideas firing.
First... on my fridge there's a long list of post book jobs I need to do, including sending links to 54 of my books on a Piracy site. Grrr.
Meanwhile, I did enjoy watching Last Tango in Halifax (Love, love, love it!!!) and Lilyhammer last night. We had a friend over for dinner and E cooked the most amazing Moreton Bay bugs skewered with fresh figs, prosciutto and haloumi  cheese. Yum! Then we settled down to a little companionable TV gazing.

Oh, and it's Week 4 in the vegie patch, and at last we're seeing progress after a disappointing start. We discovered the secret... TRACE ELEMENTS and we could see a difference in just a few days.
And to top off the week, the Cowboys beat the Panthers 30-0 last night. Woohoo!!