Friday, September 22, 2006

Oh, boy! Such inspiration!

So many wonderful authors collected here in Townsville. Yesterday I listened to New Zealander, Elizabeth Knox (The Vintner’s Luck) and Nick Earls (48 Shades of Brown) talk about their books and about having them turned into films. I listened to young Aboriginal author Tara June Winch talk about her fascinating journey into print. I was on a panel with Sandy Curtis and Paul Cleave – a young New Zealand crime writer – who will make his mark, believe me – and who has written an astonishing first book, The Cleaner, in the first person point of view of a serial killer.

I listened to a clever and funny debate about whether writing on the Internet is real writing. (How could they ask that?)

And mingled and chatted with a lot of other fascinating authors, including a poet from Manchester called Louise (someone) who is currently poet in residence at the Judith Wright centre and has just had one of her (poetry) plays performed in the Sydney Opera House.

Could I sleep? No, I was too excited. But today I’m off for more…

Including a workshop with Craig Munro who was an editor for Queensland University Press for thirty years.

I'll try to remember to take some photos...

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