Sunday, July 01, 2007

I’ve just had a few magic days away in our beloved Misty Mountains. The rain stopped virtually the minute we arrived and didn’t return during our whole stay, so we had clear, crisp, cool days, perfect for gardening. The nights however were cold!!!!

The Cairns Post reported that it was -7 degrees Celsius at Ravenshoe (the highest town in Queensland). I don’t think it was quite that cold at our place, but we had ice on the car and frost on the ground – two firsts for me! Our wood fire was very much appreciated and kept our cottage beautifully snug and warm.

We returned on Saturday, stopping off at our favourite funky café, Off the Rails at South Johnstone, for lunch. We were a little early, but hung around until their sensational three cheeses and spinach pie came out of the oven.

On Saturday night we attended Tropic Sun Theatre’s production of Othello. It was supposed to be played in Queen’s Gardens, but it has been too cold and wet, so was transferred to the Cowshed at James Cook University.

It was fabulous. I’d never seen Othello before and what a riveting play it is. Othello was played by Tom Lewis, the Aboriginal actor who starred in the movie based on Tom Keneally’s book, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith. Andrew Hare who played Iago was also superb.

I love watching actors stay in character from the minute they step onto the stage. And I love watching their characterization deepen as the play goes on. Another actor I am fascinated by because of his deep characterisation is Philip Glenister in Life on Mars. He has developed the character of the bad cop Gene into such a larger than life figure with his long overcoat, undone shirt collar and permanently loosened tie, his constant petulant scowl and twisted sneer.

It amazes me to remember he is the same actor who was the equally appealing but so very gentle Captain Dobbin in Vanity Fair. Swoon.

Anyhooo… Yesterday and today, are my days for reading through Nell and Jacob’s story and giving it a final polish. Tonight, I will kiss them goodbye. But I won’t have time to miss them too much as Lilly and her parents are coming to dinner and Elliot is cooking his magical twice cooked duck.:)

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2paw said...

I have only seem 2 episodes of Life on Mars but it is fantastic!! Vanity Fair is one of my favourite books. I am always sad at the end: I don't think Dobbin will be happy in the end. Love Othello too, looking forward to Shakespeare on Doctor Who this week.