Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Christmas

I'm at Noosa to spend Christmas with my daughters and their assorted loved ones. In a couple of hours my grandchildren Thomas and Lucy will be here and the the fun really starts.

My daughter Victoria made our Christmas tree. If you remember last year I spoke about my collection of Christmas angels from around the world. Below is an angel I bought in Japan!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a New Year that brings you good health, happiness, good friends, loving family... and lots of wonderful books to read.

On the subject of books, I've just remembered that it was fifty Christmasses ago (Yikes, did I really admit that?) when I received the most significant present ever -- "Seven Little Australians" by Ethel Turner.

With that, my lifelong love affair with books began. The character Judy and her fate taught me right from the start about emotional punch! Soon after reading SLA, I began writing my first stories and poems and fortunate gal that I am, that's still happening.


Annie Doyle said...

Welcome to my part of the world, though Noosa weather has not been kind at all! We had an outdoor Christmas dinner and the night air had to be warmed with a fire!! Most unusual.
Still it rains. I think the sky has forgotten to be blue.
I hope you had a nice break here anyway and had fun with your family.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

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