Thursday, October 02, 2008

Mattie and Jake have left the building…

They left on the last day of September, so what, you may well ask, have I been doing since then? I mean that’s two whole days and still no blog.

My dear husband threw a spanner in the works by suddenly needing to fly to Townsville for a Very Important Meeting, so Wednesday morning found us up at 4.30am and heading “down the hill” to Cairns to put him on a plane. I decided that I could spend a day in Cairns Christmas shopping – a great idea in theory, rather exhausting in reality.

The crazy thing was, all I really wanted to do was curl up somewhere with Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact” and finish it. I tried to shop conscientiously, but I kept stopping in cafes to read, and then I would get so emotionally caught up in this gripping story that I would have to stop reading, go and do some more shopping to calm down, and then find another café for my next “fix”. I finished the book, sitting under a tree on the Cairns Esplanade with tears streaming down my face.

Wow – what a book. I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotionally invested in characters.

I bought more books (another JP, of course and a Barbara Delinsky, as well as a Bernard Cornwell for Elliot which he came home and read in one sitting. He’s an all or nothing reader – unlike me. I like to have little reads scattered through my day – little rewards for getting other things done.

Anyhow, on Wednesday, by the time I collected E at 5.30, we were too tired to drive back “up the hill” and we spent a night in Cairns. We ate at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant where a gorgeous, tall, dark and handsome Brazilian waiter brought all different kinds of meat to our tables on a sword. Yummmm… oh and the meat was nice, too.

Yesterday, however, was a wipe-out. I had a horrible headache and couldn’t drag myself to the computer. Today, I’ve planned my next book which has been filtering away in the back of my brain for some time. I’ve had an old friend drop in for a cuppa and I’ve done a little gardening. Tomorrow I must start my next book, which needs to be written fast as it’s a follow on from Jake and Mattie’s story.

The picture below is of my granddaughter Lucy and one of her kittens. This photo reminds me so much of my childhood which was filled with a procession of gorgeous kittens… Enjoy them, Lucy… they bring a special magic into your life…

Can’t you see I’m already slipping into the mood on my next heroine Amy McKentry, who’s a vet??


Kelly Simmons said...

If you like Jodi P you might like me --I'm published by the same team in the States. My book is called Skylight in Australia. Thanks for listening and happy reading!

Kelly Simmons

Anonymous said...

I know your story was sad, but I did laugh at your 'shopping'- read some of the books and then quickly shop so you can read some more!!! I bribe myself to do tidying with the promise of reading!!! Headaches are awful, I usually spend a day a week in bed with one. At least The Labradors are trained to nap.
What a lovely kitten with Lucy. I am an aunt to two kittens now. My first contact really with cats and kittens. They are so cute.
Oh, linked books and a vet. Our vets are lovely!! Hope you feel well now.

Barbara Hannay said...

Sorry to hear you have so many bad headcahes, 2 paw. I'm trying a few dietary changes in the hopes of beating mine.
Hope you enjoy your niece and nephew kittens.

Barbara Hannay said...

Will keep an eye out for your books, Kelly.

Barbara Hannay said...

meant to add... "The Pact" didn't actually have a sad ending,but it was gripping till the last breath. And I really cared about the characters.