Sunday, September 06, 2009

An inspiring weekend...

On Saturday, five romance writers who met a couple of weeks ago at the conference in Brisbane gathered at Tarzali for a whole day of 'talking romance writing'. For this isolated author, it was bliss.

These writers (who are all talented cooks as well) are in the photo below, getting our amazing lunch ready. From L to R they are Noreen Allan from Ravenshoe, moi, Mervet McClintock from Townsville, Becca Quin from Mareeba, and Shannean Moncrieff from Cairns. So you see, everyone had some distance to travel, which made the destination all the more appreciated, I believe, and although these galz might not be published just yet, stand back world. I'm sure it won't be long.

We had the most scrumptious lunch and afternoon tea while we brainstormed story ideas, teased out the subtle differences between the Harlequin lines, considered the benefits of collaging, and nutted out how to deepen story conflict.

Even though I was "supposedly" the mentor, being the most experienced, I'm sure other teachers will agree that there is always a lot to be gained from sharing knowledge. It's never a one way street.

To start with, I have "A Walk in the Clouds" to watch later today, a movie I didn't even know about until yesterday. And after so much brainstorming with others, I was lying in bed this morning at 4 a.m., thinking: now, how can I deepen the conflict and emotion in my next book?
I think we've all been inspired to set new writing goals... I'm going to think about plotting my next book instead of my usual method of 'flying into the mist'. Will keep you posted on whether it works...


Magdalena Scott said...

What a wonderful time for all of you! Love the photos, as well.

Miss Bougie said...

I love all things wood in your house, and just look at those wooden shutters....(sigh) I'm sure they only let in the right amount of light...(sigh, again...)

Green with envy over here - and I'm not even thinking of the views you have from your windows!!

What did you lovely ladies have for lunch? I'd very much appreciate some inspiration for a midweek lunch for my ravenous lot!!

2paw said...

You all look so wonderfully happy!!! I look forward to reading your 'mentorees'' books!!! It should be a challenge to go against your natural urges with respect to the way you write. I am attempting to learn a new method of blanket stitch and it's really easy to revert to my old ways!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Brigitte, we had so much wonderful food, but I can't give you recipes as I didn't make any of it. There was a pumpkin and fetta bake, grape and goat's cheese salad, rice salad, fresh prawns (shrimp), tabbouleh, homemeade ravioli and sauce, homemade ciabatta bread.