Sunday, June 20, 2010

Six months later... twenty years later...

Leaving Tarzli, we drove back to Townsville on Friday and on the way passed the sugar cane I told you about at the end of last year.

Back then it was only a few inches high.
Now it looks like this.
Elliot is 6 ft 4 ins, so that gives you an idea how high it is. Then, when we got to Townville had the loveliest weekend with No I daughter, Emma, home for her twenty year school reunion.( OMG, where have those years gone? I can remember how heart broken I was when she left home at 17 to go to university.) But we had a great time this weekend. So  many wonderful, long, lovely chats.

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2paw said...

Thank you for some perspective Elliot!!!
The years rush by so quickly, don't they?