Thursday, July 01, 2010

A busy week was had by all...

You can probably guess by my silence that I am now in the final countdown to another deadline where all I want to think about and write about is my book.
Even so, my trip to Melbourne last weekend for the Michael Hauge and Steve Kaplan workshops on The Art of Romantic Comedy was fabulous. The workshops were full on -- going from nine till after six both days, but I learned so much. Although there were lots of things we already knew as romance writers,  hearing Michael Hauge's ideas expressed so clearly (using new terminology) was very refreshing and provided a very good reminder of what's really important. Characters who change. Characters who earn love. Deep conflict and the emotion that rises from that coflict. All these points are more firmly embedded in my thinking than ever. Colour me grateful.
And Steve Kaplan's insights into comedy were new and very helpful as well as entertaining.
While I was away, Elliot and his mates were busy at Tarzali building a deck and asado (Argentinian) barbecue. They made a great start and worked very hard in the rain.

And Sophie discovered lipstick


2paw said...

It's so nice to go to seminars and learn new and very exciting things that you know you can apply!!
Nice BBQ!
Oh that's a lovely photo of the lipsticked Sophie!!!

jenny wilson said...

I love the pic, was it hard to clean off?