Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The calm before the storm...

If the forecasters and every media outlet hadn't told us there was a cyclone heading our way, it would have been hard to believe it today. This was the view from our veranda this afternoon.

This afternoon, after we'd done everything we could to secure our home, I took a walk around the property taking in all my favourite spots, trying not to think too much about how things may be in twenty-four hours time.
This is how our house looks now with the extension.
And this is the connecting corridor between the new and the old.

And this is how we've boarded up all the windows and doors, so now we feel we've done everything we can. And now, as my daughter says, it's like living inside Ned Kelly's armour.

Also, I've washed everything I could find and I've made fruitcake and casseroles and tomorrow we'll bake more bread before the power goes off.
After that, it's take a deep breath and have a glass of wine. And hope... Lots of love to everyone.


Anne said...

Barbara, Tarzali looks so beautiful -- your little corner of paradise. Thank for sharing. Let's hope it stays that way.

I'll be thinking good, calm, peaceful thoughts and doing my best to send that cyclone back out to sea to blow itself out. It looks nasty though, on the weather maps.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

your home is just stunning. Hope things are much better than feared.
The wine sounds a good idea :-)
Loads of love
Carol x

Trish Morey said...

Barb. I can't believe how much has changed since I last visited some 19 months ago - and I thought it perfect then. So, so beautiful, love what you have done since then.

I'm sending calming vibes and hoping like mad. Hugs to you and E as you batten down the hatches.

Much love


Helen Bianchin said...

Love the photos, Barb, truly a slice of paradise. Stay safe. Thinking of you.
Helen x

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks for your good and calming thoughts, Anne, Carol, Trish, Helen. They mean a lot to me.

2paw said...

Your house and garden are just lovely, I hope the cyclone fizzles out and everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

Mum, I didn't have the heart to ask if you'd taken recent photos of the property, but am so glad you have. It looks stunning. I am still very worried about you both, even with Ned Kelly's armour over the windows and doors. Stay safe! I will stay up tomorrow night and watch the forecasts. Keep in touch! xxxxxx em

Annie West said...

Barb,it does look like a piece of paradise. Enjoy the fruit cake and the wine.

Good luck for weathering the cyclone.

Anne McAllister said...

Barb, Beautiful photos. I will be praying that things stay that way. May the cyclone miss you all, veer off into nowhere and dissipate.

We are just heading into a blizzard here. HIGH HIGH HIGH winds and blowing and drifting snow -- supposed to get another foot or so of snow on top of what we've already got, and we are at the northern edge. Further south they are getting two feet or so!

I believe it was Trish who reminded me that we live in interesting times. Oh, yes.

Mary Hawkins said...

Been thinking of you in Townsville! Cyclone news this morning very bad and praying for you. Lovely photos and trust after the storm there may not be too much damage. Just stay safe, Barbara!

Tina Marie Clark said...

Hey Barbara

Your place looks stunning - what a great idea to take before and after photies - I SO SO hope that the after photie are not too different and that you wear the storm well.

Stay safe take care.

Bye 4 now

AnneMarie Brear said...

Hopefully, you don't receive too much damage, Barb. Your house is so lovely and such a lush green garden.

Elizabeth Rolls said...

Thinking about you both, Barb. Please take care. Your home looks simply gorgeous even with the hatches battened down.

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Barb, your home and garden are a beautiful testament to your hard work. May everything remain intact and, most importantly, may you and E and all your neighbours stay safe.


Joan Kilby said...

Barb, what a lovely home and garden. I hope you stay safe and don't sustain too much damage.

Helene Young said...

Barb, I've been walking around my garden doing the same thing. The day is not as beautiful down here as on the Tablelands and I hope it skips a little further south and misses you as well. Thinking of you both.

Louise Reynolds said...

Barbara, what a gorgeous home and setting. Like everyone else, I'm praying that the cyclone loses it's sting or veers off somewhere but I'm afraid Queenslanders are once again in for a tough time. All our thoughts are with you. And cake and wine certainly helps :-)

Claire Baxter said...


Thinking of you, and hoping for the best. Lovely photos.

Maxine said...

Barb, I'm sending prayers that the cyclone does little damage. Your place looks so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


Linda Jones said...

I wish you all the best Barbara. Hope you remain safe and that piece of paradise you have there escapes even minimal damage.
Linda J

Nikki Logan said...

Barb - wishing you all the best with everything. Hold onto each other and we'll see you on the other side. (and think of the research!!)



Miss Bougie said...

Oh dear me, your little neck of the woods really gets hit hard. First the flood and now a cyclone. Hope it turns out less violent than predicted.
Lovely photos of your home; Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Will check via the net how you are faring, as there is not much coverage on TV.
Stay safe and thinking of you.

Sarah Morgan said...
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Sarah Morgan said...

Thinking of you Barb and hoping all is OK.

Liz Fielding said...

God bless, Barb. I hope you and Elliot keep safe.

Jackie Braun said...

Barb, sending good thoughts your way that the storm won't do any or much damage to your little piece of paradise. As I write this I am snowed in with the kids. We got a foot overnight and it's still coming down. Your green grass, flowers and lush trees are so beautiful. May they remain that way.


Jackie Braun said...

Should have mentioned too that I'll be praying you and your family remain safe.

Jessica Hart said...

Barb, hard to believe the storm may be raging over your lovely peaceful spot right now. I remember how movingly you talked about the damage caused by the last major cyclone and am hoping you will both stay safe, and that the house and garden will endure intact too. Poor old Queensland, what a time you've all been having.

Thinking of you.

P.S. The extension looks wonderful!

Ally Blake said...

I've been thinking of you Barb! And your beautiful Tarzali.

So looking forward to hearing all's well.


Anonymous said...

Just want to send a quick message that we're OK. Thanks for all your thoughts. I'll be back when we have power, which could be a week away. .Love,

Lacey Devlin said...

Hi Barbara! I hope you came through Yasi okay and may you soon have your power restored too.

May that be the last of our bad weather for a long, long time x