Friday, August 24, 2012

R*BY finalists collection...

First... aaarghh!!.. I have problems with blogger and need to use my husband's computer if I want to show photos. I think my aging laptop was too senile to cope with some fancy new technology I was coerced into trying at the conference -- or possibly I picked up a virus on Facebook.

Anyhoo... enough of the complaining... HM&B have released a lovely collection of R*BY finalists, including Molly Cooper's Dream Date. I was lucky enough to get a free copy at the conference and I'm so looking forward to reading the great stories inside this gorgeous cover.

The other stories included are:
How To Save A Marriage in a Million by Leonie Knight
The Fearless Maverick by Robyn Grady
Her Not-So-Secret Diary by Anne Oliver
The Best Laid Plans by Sarah Mayberry

So reward yourself with some top Aussie reading!

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2paw said...

The internet is just annoying sometimes, and computers too. They must have known for a long time that you had won to be able to publish that anthology. Well done again!!!