Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy New Year!!

I hope you greeted the New Year with hope and optimism and I truly hope that 2013 brings your deepest felt wishes. If my dear blog followers have not given up on me, I'm hoping to have less time writing this year and a little more time to attend to my blog and my website and my garden and my poor, long suffering DH.
I wrote right up until we left for Christmas, learning, sadly, as I wrote the last page of my single title follow up, that my dear Aunty Dorothy (who featured here in September) had died. The book is called Home Before Sundown, and her timing seemed somehow perfectly apt. We all knew she was ready and waiting...
So my week's holiday at Noosa involved a trip to Sydney with my mum and my sister... but we also squeezed in visits at Noosa from all four of our children, so our holidays began busily but very nicely.
Then, in Brisbane we stayed with Emma, where I fell completely in love with her naughty but beautiful black Labrador puppy named Rufus. I didn't take my camera cables with me, hence no photos till now, and sadly, the photo of took re Rufus was actually of Emma's chewn up credit card. (his naughtiness)
I was also intrigued by her cat Sascha, who spent long hours on this windowsill, guarding the Christmas tree.
I had a photo I really wanted to show you, but blogger is causing problems again (I'm allergic to Google +) and I can't show photos at the mo. Sorry.
Nevertheless, here's wishing you a truly happy new year with peace and love, good health and happiness.


Lacey Devlin said...

Happy New Year, Barbara! I hope you and a certain naughty, black Labrador have an amazing 2013!

Barbara Hannay said...

Thanks Lacey -- and best wishes to you, too.

Anonymous said...
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