Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July already??

It's hard to believe we're already into the second half of 2013. I have this terrible feeling that I should be taking more notice of every day and not letting each one slide quite so easily into the next.
Now it's only a week away from the release of  Home Before Sundown. I'm getting emails from the Penguin Publicity team and from my editor, who will tell me soon how the B format sales of Zoe's Muster are going. I can't just be a locked-away writer. I have to deal with the realities of sending a book out into the world.

Meanwhile it's almost time for the release of my next M&B Miracle in Bellaroo Creek. I wanted to call it The Tycoon and the Hometown Girl, so the combined titles may give you a slightly more accurate idea of what it's about. -:) I'm not too fond of the American or Australian covers, but I received my hardbacks yesterday and the UK cover is much closer to how I pictured Milla and Ed.

Now, I'm working on my third Penguin book, which wraps up my stories about the Fairburn family. This is Luke's story and I'm combining it with his grandmother's story, so I'm taking tiny steps, bridging rural romance with a historical romance. Wish me luck!
On top of all this, I've been away on a little holiday, staying first in Brisbane for our eldest daughter's birthday (a significant one with a zero). She decided on a Game of thrones theme and lots of people actually dressed up.
Daughter Vicki even made a dragon egg which was hatched on the fire later in the night.

 If you haven't watched G of T you won't know what that's about and it will just seem like an awful waste of Vicki's handiwork. :) But it was fun!

This was followed by a week at Noosa, which is always lovely, and where I wrote precisely 500 words, so now I have my head down again, back on track.


Anne said...

Mmm, that spot on the beach at Noosa looks like a wonderful place to write -- as long as you could concentrate.

Looking forward to the launch of the new books, Barb.

2paw said...

Sounds like a fabulous party!! I know that some restaurants (and home chefs) have proper GoT nights and make GoT food.
Oh, I am very excited to read your new books. I have been lent an iPad for the school holidays so I have been busy saving princesses and defeating evil goblins!! It certainly eats into reading time.
It must really impinge on your life when you have to be so involved in the part after writing your books, but think how excited and happy people must be when they meet you!!
I am sure your words will be flowing tomorrow!!

Barbara Hannay said...

Um... I don't think I'd try to write there, Anne. Definitely couldn't concentrate.

Barbara Hannay said...

I hadn't heard about those GoT restaurants, 2 paw, but I can just imagine!
I hope you're having fun with your iPad. I still haven't ventured into ebook world, but I really need to. The Book Depository is SUCH a temptation and the piles of books everywhere are getting out of hand.