Friday, July 17, 2015

Winter weather...

 No snow here in FNQ, but cold misty mornings where I am in the highlands.

We're certainly enjoying the fire, which is still a novelty after all those years in Townsville.

 And don't you love the creative woodpile our friend has made at Paluma?

In writing news, There are one hundred copies of The Secret Years coming for me to sign for Booktopia. The release date  is getting closer!!!


2paw said...

Lots of snow here. My mum and aunt were snowed in in Hobart and they couldn't come to visit because all the road through the central plateau was closed. It is still closed!! But I love that we have such interesting weather!!
That is a very creative wood pile. We are discouraged and even fined for smoking wood fires here.
oh, how very exciting that your book will soon be out!!! They all have such lovely covers.

Barbara Hannay said...

2paw, would you believe that I still haven't seen snow? I'm the only person in my family (including my mother and grandchildren) who hasn't seen it. I really mustn't let another year go past without making snowy contact.
I've heard that wood fires were banned in Launceston because of air pollution. Fortunately, there's plenty of fresh air here to disperse our smoke. Getting close to release day now.
Barb x