Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday movies

One of the greaat things about being back in the city is that there are so many movies to see. I lurve the big screen.

Went to see Casino Royale yesterday. Must admit I had my fingers crossed that I’d enjoy it. Non-stop, over the top action and emotionless, casual sex don’t usually do it for me…

Well, wasn’t I in for a pleasant surprise? Surprise #1 was Daniel Craig who played James Bond. Oh, boy, isn't he gorgeous? What a body!

And those eyes! I think it was very clever of the director to choose a blonde, blue eyed man for the part. Never once was I tempted to compare Daniel Craig with Sean Connery. He was stand alone fabulous!!

The action was definitely OTT, but so clever and visually breathtaking (and at times amusing) that I wasn’t bored for a moment.

And the ‘romance’ wasn’t emotionless or casual. Not by a long shot. In fact, I was totally captivated by the emotional dilemma of James and Vesper. The scriptwriters have come up with a clever, riveting remake of this jaded story and the acting was superb!

I could watch it again for the romance alone. Loved it!!


Anonymous said...

I'm just home from CR and my word is Daniel Craig a sight for sore eyes. I will have to watch this film a lot!! And his muscles!! His eyes!! Wow, he's a great Bond!!! The film was over 144 minutes long but I was never bored, and the stunts were excellent. I liked the genesis of Bond!!!

Barbara Hannay said...

2 paw said: "I'll have to watch this film a lot."
I'm grinning at that comment, but I totally agree. I rarely get to the end of a movie and want to watch it again, but that's how I felt about this one.