Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another day...

Am making steady progress on my book. Went to the library to get a few books to follow up on some threads I’m developing in this story. Got a biography of Brahms, mainly because I’m interested in him, but you never know, it might turn up in the WIP...

Brahms’s violin concerto is among my all time favourite pieces of classical music. There’s a section in the first movement when the music slows down that’s so beautiful I have to stop everything just to listen. Every time.

I’ve voted for it on the favourite concerto competition the ABC is currently running. As has writer mate, Anna Campbell.

Lilly and her Mum visited yesterday afternoon and had a swim. We have a lovely pool on the roof of our apartment block.

Last night we went to cinema club and saw Last Train to Freo (Fremantle). It’s a Western Australian thriller set on a train and it is majorly scary, but brilliantly acted. Fantastic characterisation.

The second movie was supposed to be 49 up, the next movie in the 7 up series, which I love and have been following since it started. However, there had to be last minute change because it was only available in digital and so we saw Romulus, My Father instead. Fabulous! Brilliant. Terribly sad, but so powerful. The young Raimond’s acting is sensational, but the whole cast is very, very good. Marvellous men. Gorgeous, brilliant Eric Bana. Inspiring art. I hope it does well overseas.


Barbara Hannay said...

I should have emphasized how gorgeous Eric Bana is in this movie. He's tall, dark and drop dead handsome, but he also portrays his love for his wife so very powerfully.
Actually, I discovered Hugh Jackman long before all these young writers on the Pink Heart Society claimed hi as their own, and I still think he's terrific, but after seeing Eric B in Romulus, I'm thinking, "Move over , Hugh."

Kate Hardy said...

I'd have a real problem choosing just one concerto.

First movement of Bach's double concerto for violin. Second movement of Mozart's piano concerto #20. Rachmaninov's piano concerto #3. The main theme of Elgar's cello concerto.

And Corelli (especially concerto grosso #1 in D - the complete Concerti Grossi = my "driving in snow and I need to calm down NOW" music).

And then there are the sonatas - second movement of Beethoven's 'Pathetique' piano sonata gets me every time.

And Chopin's Nocturnes.

And Sor's pretty little guitar studies.

And the symphonies - Beethoven's 9th as a whole (can't drive to it because it makes me cry).

Nope - can't choose one piece. (This is why I have well over 700 CDs...)

Next time you come over to the UK to an AMBA do, I suggest we go for coffee and cake and a serious chat about gorgeous music. (We'll annex Jenny, Liz and Cathy.)

Had it not been for revisions and an upcoming deadline, I'd be tempted to slope off and play the piano now...

Barbara Hannay said...

LOL, Kate,

Kate, you listen to music as prolifically as you write! (grin!)

Actually, I love all those pieces of music you mentioned. Last time I was in London, Jenny and I went to a lovely concert at St. Martin in the Fields.

We have the Australian Festival of Chamber Music here in Townsvile every July with artists from all over the world and it's just fabulous.

Good luck with the revisions and the deadline.

Barbara Hannay said...

Will definitely take you up on the coffee and cake, Kate.

Kate Hardy said...

LOL - what me, a prolific listener? (Kate Walker calls me profligate. I've been good this week. Haven't bought any CDs. Don't ask about last week.)

I was nearly late for school this morning and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. I started reading your new UK release and it's fabulous. The dialogue is great, the characters are the sort you want to know in real life, and I need to know what happens next RIGHT NOW.